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Thanks for choosing Salads Galore.

Before you get started browsing our fantastic range, please take a moment to read the following about placing orders.

Ordering is easy with Salads Galore, but to make sure you get everything you request please:

Ensure you give us 48hrs notice in advance, so nothing gets missed.  If you urgently require an order, please contact our office.
If possible, please let us know what time you will likely be collecting so that we make sure it is waiting for you on arrival (you'll find the option to allocate a particular time in the ordering menu).

Delivery is available to corporate customers who currently hold accounts with Salads Galore.  For more information regarding delivery fees which may apply, please contact our office.

If you are a corporate client wanting a custom or regular order, we CAN help,  please contact our office for more details. 

Downloadable pricelist


How much should I order?

We suggest ordering only 3 different types of Salad when choosing different varieties. 

We recommend the following overall amounts of Salad when entertaining guests:

0 - 10   People   = 2 KG

10 - 20 People   = 3 KG

20 - 40 People   = 6 KG

40 - 60 People   = 9 KG

100 People        = 15 KG

150 People        = 23 KG

And if you are ordering Onions for a  BBQ,  we recommend allowing 2KG per 80 Sausages or Burgers.